Spawn of EnergyPlus – Design and Implementation (Working Draft)

The Spawn of EnergyPlus, called SOEP, is a next-generation simulation engine, for building and control energy systems. SOEP will combine

The intent is for SOEP and EnergyPlus to live side-by-side, with the OpenStudio software development kit providing access to both and insulating users and client vendors from implementation differences. Equation-based models allow SOEP to unify building energy modeling with control workflows, and allow users and manufacturers to insert their own models into SOEP.


Fig. 1 : Spawn-of-EnergyPlus (SOEP) is a next-generation BEM engine that leverages open standards for equation-based modeling (Modelica) and co-simulation (FMI).

This documentation is a working document for the design, development and implementation of the Spawn of EnergyPlus (SOEP). The document is work in progress, used as a discussion basis, and any of the design may change.

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