2. Download

2.1. Software

SOEP is still in development.

The development version for Linux 64 bit and Windows 64 can be downloaded from github.

To download all required dependencies, Git Large File Storage is required. See git-lfs installation instructions.

If Git Large File System is installed, Spawn can be downloaded as

git clone git@github.com:lbl-srg/modelica-buildings.git

This will download the development version which has been tested with OPTIMICA, JModelica and Dymola.

Either OPTIMICA, JModelica and Dymola needs to be installed. A JModelica docker image that is used to test Spawn is available from https://github.com/lbl-srg/docker-ubuntu-jmodelica

You can then simulate models with OPTIMICA or JModelica by running

cd modelica-buildings
jm_ipython.sh jmodelica.py Buildings.ThermalZones.EnergyPlus.Examples.SingleFamilyHouse.AirHeating

The output file can be read with https://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/modelica/buildingspy/ or Dymola.

For more information, see also the user guide in the Modelica Buildings Library at Buildings.Experimental.EnergyPlus.UsersGuide.

Support for an end-user installer and for OS X, will be added later.

2.2. Publications

Michael Wetter, Kyle Benne, Antoine Gautier, Thierry S. Nouidui, Agnes Ramle, Amir Roth, Hubertus Tummescheit, Stuart Mentzer and Christian Winther.
Proc. of Building Performance Modeling Conference and SimBuild, p. 518–525, Chicago, IL, USA, September 2020.